How to Maintain Your Truck?

Your pickup truck is an earning member of your family and, hence, it deserves your attention. Any ignorance could lead to unexpected mechanical or technical failures leaving you bereft. And, if the ignorance becomes a habit, the consequences could be more daunting.

What if you are caught in a deadly snowfall with a flattened tire, seized engine, broken axle, or in other not-so-good situation? Hence, proper maintenance is essential. It not just safeguards you from unpleasant situation but also extends the lifespan and boosts the efficiency of your vehicle.

Here are 5 pickup truck maintenance secrets you must know.

1.  Make cleanliness a habit

Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle on a regular basis. Simple do-it-yourself tasks like washing and waxing the exterior and vacuuming and wiping the interior not only contribute to the look and appearance, but also increase its life and minimize the probability of potential hiccups. There are many wash cleaners and exterior care products available in the market that can help you with. Pay attention to content. The ingredients used should be gentle on the metallic or plastic surface of your vehicle.

2.  Keep your tires well-inflated

Take a look at the manual of your truck and make sure to have the recommended air pressure in the front and rear tires of your pickup truck. The standard air-pressure varies based on the climate you are into. With the drop in temperature, the air density increases and pressure falls automatically. According to, for every drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, tires lose 1 pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure.

Even if you work with a truck driving company, being a driver, you should double cross-check the air-pressure before setting off on a trip or loading items. Don’t just rely on the indicator flashing on your dashboard; keep a watch on the tires. Replace worn out tires if necessary.

3.  Regularly change engine oil and fluids

Take care of the health of the mechanical parts of your truck engine with proper and timely lubrication. Use the recommended engine oil and fluids for brake, crankshaft bearings, piston, valve tappets and windshield, to name a few. The lubrication helps you avoid friction and keep the parts operating at a normal temperature that in turn increases the efficiency of your truck and helps you make the most of the truck rental opportunities.

4.  Check the alternator and battery

The alternator and battery play an active role in not just triggering the combustion of fuel but also powering up the light system of the vehicle. Hence, it’s a must that both work properly and in coordination. Replace the battery or alternator if needed to prevent the truck from losing power.

5.  Safety Accessories

Regularly adjust belts, hoses, brake pads, drive belts, timing belts and hoses and keep them in good condition. Don’t ignore any wear and tear. Worn out accessories or parts should be immediately replaced. They don’t directly associate with the mileage of the truck, but contribute immensely towards safety of both – vehicle and the person at the wheel.

A Word of Caution                                                

If you are a rental truck driver, be ready to brace up with any unpleasant situation that might come. Make sure to have a portable air-pressure checker tool, a good flashlight, spanners, tire pump, fresh coolant and lubricants, a pair of gloves, raincoat and blanket (especially in the winter season), to name a few, always with you wherever you go.

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